Our Expertise

Our researchers have over a decade of experience working with LECs, ISPs and MVPDs, collaborating with clients' pricing, marketing, and finance teams 

Our Impact

Cabletrax supports your entire operation:

Auditing competitors' marketing claims, assisting enterprise pricing bids,

optimizing direct-mail lists,

selecting CAF II blocks,

churn analysis,

and more

Our Flexibility

With services ranging from low-cost ad-tracking subscriptions to ad hoc GIS requests, Cabletrax's options

- including month-to-month plans - fit any budget and objective


How it works


Cabletrax offers 24/7 access to the latest telecom ads and news.

We provide a backend for clients' market-intelligence platforms.

We also produce on-demand maps and datasets to visualize your competitors' footprint overlap.


Cabletrax's nationwide datasets provide actionable intelligence for clients' marketing campaigns, greenfield service expansion, and pricing overhauls across segments.

Risk-Free Subscription Plans

The most affordable market insights

Lit Building List
Competitor Mapping
Competitor Offer Reports
Ad Hoc Services