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Full visibility to the US telecom market

Ad tracking, serviceability data, competitor pricing, and more
  • Browse ads by company, market & date

  • Download ads & print airing data

  • Search by ad keywords

  • Access 10 years of ad transcripts

Our Expertise

Our researchers have over a decade of experience working with LECs, ISPs and MVPDs, collaborating with clients' pricing, marketing, and finance teams 

Our Impact

Cabletrax supports your entire operation:

Auditing competitors' marketing claims, assisting enterprise pricing bids,

optimizing direct-mail lists,

selecting RDOF census blocks,

churn analysis,

and more

Our Flexibility

With services ranging from low-cost ad-tracking subscriptions to ad hoc GIS requests, Cabletrax's options

- including month-to-month plans - fit any budget and objective

Who are we

How it works


Cabletrax offers 24/7 access to the latest telecom ads and news.

We provide a backend for clients' market-intelligence platforms.

We also produce on-demand maps and datasets to visualize your competitors' footprint overlap.


Cabletrax's nationwide datasets provide actionable intelligence for clients' marketing campaigns, greenfield service expansion, and pricing overhauls across segments.

How it works
Risk-Free Subscription Plans

The most affordable market insights

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